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The Jackie Thankyou Book Project

This is a fan project to crowd-source a Thank You book for Jackie Evancho.

The final version will be printed (one copy only), bound in leather, and offered to the Evancho family on completion of the Sounds from the Silver Screen tour.
A reduced size pdf version is available for download and proofreading, and a better version will be available when the book is complete.
Fan clubs around the world have been involved in contributing information and preparing pages for inclusion. Thanks especially to my friends on Proboards for continuous contributions and encouragement!

One of Australia's most experienced bookbinders is preparing the finished product, and contributing the guilding work.

I will exercise editorial responsibility to ensure that a factual, respectful and balanced tone is used throughout the book.

You can also review the draft version here - click the pages to turn them.

Please email me at if you find any errors.

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