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Ducks 18th Birthday - All 133 Concerts - DIRECT DOWNLOAD
17th Birthday Celebration from Italy
17th Birthday Celebration from Germany
17th Birthday Celebration from HispanoAmerica
Jackie Evancho - A Heart For America
Published on Jan 17, 2017
Sempre Libere
Jackie Evancho - Journey of her first 100 Concerts (by Varnk)
Published on Dec 10, 2015
This fan tribute video celebrates the first 100 concerts that have featured Jackie Evancho since 2011. Jackie has put on concerts throughout the world and this video illustrates her journey using Google Earth.
Jackie in Italy (by Maia Nartoomid)
Published on Sep 16, 2015
Such a special event for Jackie and those who love her, I created this video of Jackie in Italy...
The Amazing Jackie Evancho - 5th AGT Anniversary (by Sempre Libere)
Published on Aug 9, 2015
On August 10, 2010, Jackie Evancho stunned the music world with her first performance on the 5th season of America's Got Talent. Jackie is recognized as one of the biggest stars to come from the show and is now an internationally acclaimed singer. This video is intended to showcase Jackie's performances around the timeframe of her appearance on AGT.
900 photos of Jackie Evancho in 10 minutes !!!(by Jackie Evancho Fans Brasil)
Published on Jan 1, 2015
All Jackie Evancho Fans Brasil's Timeline photos in just 10 minutes. Every single image makes this video unique and precious. It's a lot of work, wish you appreciate it. New year is coming, We hope passing it with to you, with Jackie, wishing everyone a year filled with peace, joy and love.
Jackie Evancho - 5th AGT Anniversary - An Incredible Career(by Sempre Libere)
Published on Jul 3, 2015
It's three weeks early, but why not celebrate Jackie's 5th AGT Anniversary for a bit longer? If you like this video, please hit the like button
Jackie die-hard fan song (by Luta)
Published on Apr 9, 2015
Jackie die-hard fan song
Jackie Evancho - 2014 (by Jackie for Germany)
Published on Jan 9, 2015
Jackie's year 2014: Looking back
Jackie's Jahr 2014: Ein kleiner Rückblick
Jackie Evancho - A Journey to Stardom
Published on Aug 3, 2014
Her Journey from AGT 2010, to her new Album "Awakening" 2014.
Ihr Weg von AGT 2010, bis zu ihrem neuen Album "Awakening" 2014.
- Jackie For Germany
A Tribute to Jackie Evancho - 2014
Published on Apr 27, 2014
A tribute to Jackie, her talent, her work and her lovely personality.
Ein Tribut an Jackie, ihr Talent, ihre Arbeit, und ihre außergewöhnliche Persönlichkeit.
Ein kleiner Video-Querschnitt ihrer Karriere von 2010-2014.
Jackie Evancho Tribute - The Mission (Gabriel's Oboe)
Published on Apr 6, 2014
Music performed by Roma Sinfonietta Orchestra & Yo-Yo Ma
Jackie Evancho tribute - You're A Superstar
Published on Dec 20, 2013
This video is a tribute to Jackie Evancho.
The pictures begin with her AGT appearance and chronologically capture important moments in her career to the end of 2013.
Enjoy the memories and the ride!
- bucfan1960
Prometheus Unchained - an Ode to Jackie Evancho
Published on Mar 27, 2013
I suppose that many, many people have had similar epiphanies when discovering Jackie Evancho. I just had to do something about it.
- EvanchosPhantom
Jackie Evancho - Little Jackie goes to Russia
Published on May 11, 2012
A tribute to Miss Jackie Evancho, the little girl with a superb entchanting voice that words can not describe. Superlative. Fantabulosa!!!
- antoniofarina
Jackie Evancho - A look back at 2011
Published March, 2012
A tribute to Miss Jackie Evancho - the early days.
- Michael Magarrity

Note: This video includes a sample of Jackie's music from the Dream With Me CD.
If you enjoy it, get yourself a copy!
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