* * The Jackie Effect * *

Welcome to our page about teenage singer Jackie Evancho, and the amazing "Jackie Effect".
This site is for the many people who have found happiness and joy through Jackie's music, and want to share their feelings with the world.
Some examples of the Jackie Effect from around the web:
[Apocalypse] BS 16 Dec 2016
be it by design or a genetic abnormality her voice moves people. Perhaps, just perhaps it was by design, suppose she was put here to change the minds of people like Mike Pence, maybe.
[Apocalypse] CW 12 Dec 2016
You can just look at this beautiful lady, and feel at piece. She calms your mind, and soul with her music.

[Apocalypse] HL 11 Dec 2016
why? Why I hear you sing spontaneously fall tears in her eyes.

[Apocalypse] GR 10 Dec 2016
Jackie you're voice is so amazing, it brings me to tears almost everytime I hear it.

[Troy Concert] SM 26 Nov 2016
Jackie, we just went to see your show.. You brought tears to this guy's eyes, Jackie. Thank you so much.

[Troy Concert] DK 26 Nov 2016
D.K. Jackie, just saw your show. We truly feel that we have been to heaven and back.

[God Bless America 2016] N.C. 26 Nov 2016
You changed an iconic song and made it your own for that moment as I'm tearing up.

[Apocalypse] D.S. 24Nov 2016
I love your music !Tears of joy fill my eyes when I hear you sing!

[God Bless America 2016] S.T. 13 Nov 2016
I choked up. Beautiful, Jackie!

[Apocalypse] C.C. 6Nov 2016
it brings out emotions and has helped me multiple times dealing with my depression.

[Coming Home] R.B. 6 Nov 2016
Jackie, your songs as a child made me cry, releasing some of my pain.

[Little Drummer Boy with Il Volo] S.S. 1 Nov 2016
Chills....my goodness!

[God Bless America 2016] M.B. 29 Oct 2016
I cried the whole time

[God Bless America 2016] R.E. 28 Oct 2016
I am listening to Jackie again. Every time I hear her sing I cry.

[Apocalypse] R.R. 27 Oct 2016
It doesn't matter how many times, I still get that rush, still feel the emotions surge up from beneath my skin.

[My Heart Will Go On] N. 27 Oct 2016
OMG i can't help it i'm gonna cry.

[Coming Home] I.M. 27 Oct 2016
This is the most beautiful cover that I've ever heard! I love your voice, Jackie. You can be so emotional, and I'my crying so much also for the video. I love u.

[All Of The Stars]UTU 11 Oct 2016
Please Jackie keep giving us strength and hope with your amazing voice. Never stop, never quit, never give up.

[Ave Maria]NN 2 Oct 2916
can't describe my feelings now , thank you for this!

[Safe and Sound]CA 2 Oct 2016
There's something about this song, that makes me feel good.

[Ave Maria]BG 25 Sep 2016
Thanks forever Jackie. You don't know how much you have helped me in my destiny

[All Of The Stars]LB Sep 2016
I didn't understand the video but it made me cry.

[Apocalypse]CL Sept 2016
It is just impossible to concentrate on anything other than her voice.

[Safe and Sound]PB 17 Sept 2016
Her voice goes straight thru my heart

[Safe and Sound]HU Sept 2016
I'm bursting into tears bc of the video and her voice so amazing!

[Ave Maria]ZH Sep 2016
I`m Muslim and I don`t understand what she saying but I really goose-bumped and for a moment I just felt like I`m in a different place that I can find peace

[Ave Maria]KW Sep 2016
My wife and I saw her sing this and many other beautiful songs live in Wabash Indiana. It did then and still can make a grown man cry like nothing else

[Ave Maria]Woj Aug 2016
With so much love invested in her she is safe for life.

[Ave Maria]GLF Aug 2016
I'm crying like anything

[Ave Maria]DN Aug 2016
Why am I on the verge or tears right now
--> E.S. You have lots of company. Jackie's voice seems to strike a cord deep within.

[Ave Maria]NB Aug 2016
I don't understand why I'm crying f**k.
--> S.D. It is the widely recognised Evancho Effect.

[Apocalypse] AB 16 Aug 2016
The right title song of a great movie and she would over night famous like Whitney Houston or other. The ability she has.

[The Impossible Dream] AW 17 Aug 2016
First heard of Jackie 9 weeks ago and I have to say her voice and her personality have captured my heart. (I cannot listen to any of the talent shows..)

[The Impossible Dream] BC 9 Aug 2016
Tears are ok Jackie. What a performer to sing spot on key through the whole song with watery eyes that were not all caused by the breezes that day.

Alex and I had goosebumps and tears in our eyes the entire time. I seen her 5 years ago when she was just 10 and she was amazing, but these past few years have been good to her! I was blown away!

[My Immortal] MB 8 Aug 2016
There are a lot of Jackie's songs that produce the "Jackie Effect" with me, but when it comes to the maximum flow of eye-water, this one tops them all. Sometimes when it comes up on my car stereo, I'll hit the "skip" button just for driving safety.

[Safe And Sound] CB 5 Aug 2016
well im crying. just beautiful sad and perfect.

[God Bless America] HT 2 Aug 2016
The moment she takes notes I have goosebumps all over my body!

[Apocalypse] IR 25 Jul 2016
this gives me chills omg

[Safe And Sound] XL 24 Jul 2016
This is so beautiful, my boots are shaking. The problem is that I don't have any boots.

[Safe And Sound] TB 23 Jul 2016
To my ear Jackie's voice has always had a richness and warmth that continues to grow and sooth my soul. Thank you.

[God Bless America] BP 15 Jul 2016
Been a fan for 7 Yrs now and she still gives me goosebumps. Never heard a voice so beautiful. Jackie Evancho

[God Bless America] KM 15 Jul 2016
I melt every time I listen to this wonderful young lady one day I would love to see her in concert with Andrea Bocelli

[God Bless America] KM 14 Jul 2016
I really wish her to sing more than one song. I prepared a whole system with surround sound with the sole intention to hear her beautiful voice with the best possible quality. I made all the things required in order to make possible to see the "Capitol 4th concert" across the Internet, cause in my country there wasn't available at no one tv channel, and then I gathered all my family. But hey, that one song really made the work and moment worth it. It was majestic.

[All Of The Stars] Daj 4 June 2016
Oh god, incredible voice, please come to Poland?.

[All Of The Stars] T.S. 4 June 2016
I don't know about others but when I hear her voice it always makes my cry. Actually this song makes me cry. Its so amazing

[All Of The Stars] A.C. 23 May 2016
Her voice makes me cry

[All Of The Stars] A.K. 4 May 2016
I love this song. Every time I see this video, I burst into tears. I think of the struggles not just our transgenders goes thru, but everyone who's different.

[All Of The Stars] R. J. 1 May 2016
her voice gave me goosebumps!

[Apocalypse] B.C. 22 May 2016
This song/recording/video is so amazing.......Jackie's voice WOW! Can't imagine how incredible her voice will be in another 5 years?

[Apocalypse] F.J. 14 MaY 2016
I continue to believe Evancho has a voice like no other.

[Apocalypse] E.K. 2 May 2016
Beautiful video and awesome singing. It brought tears to my eyes.

[Apocalypse] E.A. 1 May 2016
I'm a fan from Sweden! You're so talented and I love it both when you sing classical and when you sing pop. This song had me in tears!

[Safe & Sound] A.M. 3 June 2016
Five seconds into the song I thought this girl has a beautiful voice. Ten seconds I noticed she was hitting every note perfect. 30 seconds in I notice how much feeling she was throwing into the song. About 2 minutes in I was chocking back tears. This girl is amazing.

[Safe & Sound] M.L. 14 May 2016
This is my new favourite thing ever!

[Safe & Sound] A.W. 5 May 2016
Her voice is haunting. What an amazing talent.

[Safe & Sound] C.A. 10 April 2016
This video and song make me cry

[Writings on the Wall] D.E. 29 May 2016
Smith won awards, but Jackie's moved me so much. I got goose bumps at the beginning and found myself in tears at the end.

[Writings on the Wall] D.C. 19 May 2016
Give her another 5 years to grow and evolve and she will be a world wide superstar.

[Writings on the Wall] A.L. 1 May 2016
Could not understand why this song won an Oscar. But now I do. Sam Smith should have never sung the original. This version is the best.

[Writings on the Wall] A.W. 25 April 2016
I love it! She gives me goose bumps.

J.C. 26 March 2016
Thank you for this touching tribute, Jackie. Totally cried!

G.N. 25 March 2016
Jackie, you brought me to tears with this song. Your beautiful voice perfectly complements the heart wrenching tale told by this video

M.W. 20 Mar 2016
My entire adult life has been spent in violence. Vietnam, 31yrs police officer. Jackie makes me feel again. Thank you

P.P. 19 Mar 2016
this song makes me cry so much

F.X. 13 Mar 2016
its so calming and a mood changer. just how the music should be :)

J.S. 12 Mar 2016
cannot explain how much I love this!

T.J. 9 Feb 2016
If i had a nickel for every goose bump on my body right now i'd be a very rich man.

B.B. 7 Feb 2016
Keep stunning us, please. We are undoubtedly running out of words...

Youtube comment Feb 2016
I'm 19, spend my spare time playing football, baseball and soccer, captain of my high school football team and have NEVER cried while listening to a sad song or watching a sad movie,....untill I heard this girls voice that is. True story.

Youtube comment Feb 2016
"I understand their money and copyright issues here but it's like someone owning the Mona Lisa and not letting anyone see it. all great works of art should be shared and Jackie's singing is an art like few of us have? seen in our lifes".

E.U. 3 Feb 2015

G.D. 23 Jan 2016
How can one young lady reach so many people worldwide? It has to be the raw emotion she brings to every song she sings. You can't teach this.

K.W. 20 Jan 2016
Its so hard to watch her videos as the tears get in the way.

D.A. 20 Jan 2016
Haunting, emotive, ethereal. Goose - bump making !

J.B. 18 Jan 2016
jackie projects an aura when she sings this is her gift.

I.L. 18 Jan 2016
..sometimes at first for some while it's impossible to write a comment becayse many things which we can see and read from you are so emotional that I can just to sit, to watch and somewhere deep inside to think about our life all around. And you are making this life much, much better!

C.B. 17 Jan 2016
Jackie shows a profound ability to connect the listener with their base emotions. Exemplary technical prowess aside, I find it amazing that time and time again, notes turn into sensations of warmth and serenity.

F.C. 5 January 2016
... and none of them gave me goosebumps or moved me to the point of crying like jackie has ... in fact no other singer or musician has ever provoked that reaction on me ...

R.B. 4 January 2016
I have seen more popular singers before, but I have NEVER seen a singer so loved by so many different people as Jackie Evancho.

R.S. 4 January 2016
Jackie Evancho made me smile and cry at the same time
....R.C: that's called the Jackie effect. It has happened to everyone of us.

J.C. 3 January 2016
The remarkable vocal talent elevates what to me is just an otherwise normal pop song to a higher level. Jackie is a unique talent that can sing a pop song like this, and in the next breath sing a song like "Guardian Angels" with Placido Domingo. To me such talent is on a whole other unheard of level and not something I am sure I have ever witnessed before and she is only 15 years old. She truly amazes me.

G.P. 2 January 2016
Seriously...... just how damn good is this! It brings me to goose bumps every time I hear it..... and I love the look Jackie give Andrea at the end. Almost as if she can't believe she is there.

J.B. 1 January 2016
I know that she has inspired me to play music again. All my flute music are songs that she sings. She's my inspiration, my muse, and my love.

J.R. 31 December 2015
Maravilhoso espetaculo. Lindo demais. Perfeito. Belissima cancao.

D.B. 29 December 2015
Jackie, I don't know why but I used to get teared up whenever you would sing on America's Got Talent. You have come so far ... but one thing hasn't changed . You still have the same effect on me when I watch this video.

R.D. 25 December 2015
I was never one to pay much attention to music before. If it was on the radio or TV and I liked it I'd listen. That changed with Jackie.

M.C. 19 December 2015
My 6 year old went to her first concert, saw her first symphony, saw her first opera singer and got to meet her as well!... It was magical and life changing. Thanks again Jackie and Mike.

J.C. 18 December 2015
I didn't even care for the music genre she sings but that changed the first time I heard that voice. It is as if she sings to my soul.

B.N. 17 December 2015
Jackie has the power to take us along into her voice. How does she do that?!?

K.A. 15 December 2015
She has been a huge inspiration for me during my opera music singing career since 2010. Can't wait to see you again Jackie.

S.G. 14 December 2015
Thank you for the beautiful performance.. My son is mentally challenged. I wasn't familiar with your singing until he came to me, asked to buy your music. He listens to you sing everyday, it's soothing and warms my heart that your beautiful voice helps my son get thru rough days. Thank you.

D.M. 13 December 2015
Some of the musicians were listening and smiling .. because she was so good. I don't think they expected it. You could see it in their eyes.

K.C. 13 December 2015
Absolutely beautiful and it gave me chills. Jackie sang the song from her heart as an American.

N.H. 13 December 2015
Gave me chills on my chills !! Beautiful !

J.M. 12 December 2015
It was a happy surprise when they announced Jackie Evancho would be singing out National Anthem. Was the first time you could REALLY hear the fans belting it out right along with her...including Daddy & me, too. It have me those Patriotic goosebumps you get when your heart fills with love and pride for our God, Country and Flag

T.M. 10 December 2015
I have to say Jackie Evancho has an unbelievable voice ! A young 14yr old girl talks to the audience with a giggle and a hair flip and then proceeds to belt out the most crystal operatic notes I've heard! Stunning !!!!

qwerty123 9 December 2015
She can make a note so pure it almost disappears, like when you stare at something and there's no movement you will quit seeing it.

J.W. 6 December 2015
When I first heard Andrea Bocelli I knew I was hearing one of the most incredible voices of our time - now we have the lovely Jackie Evancho - who will carry this torch and touch peoples lives musically just like Andrea has done for the past couple of decades - we are truly blessed to witness this amazing bit of musical history.

leala_c 6 December 2015
When you sang your first song, "Take Me Away", I immediately started crying becuz I finally got the chance to watch you perform after 4 yrs of waiting. ur the reason why I became interested in classical music.

Wo. 6 December 2015
Ever heard of deja vu and changing places? She's the one - cute, perfect, universal time machine. I'm still in shock after her last live performance.

J.R. 5 December 2015
i love this song very much thank you for singing that song it means a lot to me Thank you Jackie.

S.W. 1 December 2015
I will never forget the strong emotion when I first heard her singing!

C.M. 1 December 2015
This gave me the chills! goosebumps The message of this song was bomb!

F.D. 30 November 2015
the song and her voice so perfect....make my heart so touch....speechless....and make my finger automatically type my first comment on youtube..

M.G. 30 November 2015
her powerfull voice that thouches my feelings..

M.B. 22 November 2015
Is it possible for an experience, for which one has astronomically high expectations, to not only meet but soar far above those expectations? Yes, yes it is. Positively transcendent. Thank you, Jackie, thank you so much.

..Welcome to the "Jackie Effect"
..Don't worry WE understand.
P.S. 23 November 2015
It gave me courage back even I am on the other dark side of the world. Thank you very much. Ms. Evancho.

C.B. 13 November 2015
So serene and perfect. The best singer I have ever heard in my life. The art of her tone and pitch are mesmerizing.

F.C. 12 November 2015
... after five years of listening to jackie i still get the same feeling ... goosebumps all over and tears ... must be the jackie effect

T.D. 7 Nove,ber 2015
I hope she is always happy and content and safe and never forgets how special we all know she is. Her gift reaches so many hearts.

L.S. 8 November 2015
Never before has a singer ,held this degree of total Awe that this very young person brings out in me. For over 60 yr's iv'e listen to the most famous Sopranos in the world . But none have had the Grace of miss Evancho.

J.R. 8 November 2015
What a duet!!!!!. It sent chills thru my spine. She has grown to be not only as a beautiful young lady, but a wonderful singer. Thank you both for feeding my soul!

WOJ 5 November 2015
Briefly speaking, for me and for many of us, she proves to be the best emotional investment ever.

B.C. 2 November 2015
I love how I can come back to hear many of your pieces, such as this one, over and over, and each time the enjoyment somehow surpasses the last visit!

X.T. 24 October 2015
I actually started to cry as I listened to this.

S.R. 23 October 2015
after Jackie finished Nessun Dorma every person in the house was on their feet clapping and cheering.

W.C. 20 October 2015
I doubt if after what we witnessed that night it will ever stop raining. In short 10 minutes she redefined two declining industries (circus and classical-crossover). Jackie, my family loves you forever!

F.M. 16 October 2015
She seemed to slip so deeply into the music that I am not sure it mattered to her where she was and whether we were there or not. Mesmerizing. And then she "came back" and and continued on with the concert. Wow.

R.B. 15 October 2015
I understand what you are saying. But the "Jackie Effect" is felt by thousands. I think something in her voice triggers endorphin release, causing feelings of euphoria. The resulting "Over The Top" words are the result. To those who don't experience the effect, those words are grating. For those under the influence of the effect, the words are simply an expression of that feeling.
It's a nice change from rap music triggering anger and violence, don't you think?

C.K. 14 October 2015
As I listened, I recalled how I felt in Glenside, when Jackie sang SOTR. It was a full body "Jackie Effect" moment. There have been many rainbows, but Ms. Jackie is certainly the pot of gold.

W.S. 12 October 2015
Sometimes I intellectualize, "She's just a girl singer, like so many others."
Then I snap out of it, listen to one of her many songs, drop my jaw, shake my head, lose my breath; and I remember I've never been so dramatically affected by a voice as I am by hers.

C.C. 11 October 2015
Jackie, when I saw the video of you singing to Yolanda foster in honor of her, your mom, and other people struggling with lyme, I couldn't stop crying. I've been suffering with lyme for over 5 years and how I've gotten by is listening to your music. Whether it's at home or in the hospital, your songs have helped calm me down, make me feel good, and happier.

C.C. 10 October 2015
So glad I came! She's beautiful beyond words... I'm in tears, as usual. Can't wait for the 2nd half!

F.C. 8 October 2015
I was part of one of the Army National Guard units assigned in Philly and when I arrived at my guard post overlooking one of the closed main highways I heard Jackie Evancho singing Ave Maria. All of us stopped what we were doing to listen. We were a few miles from where this was and all I could hear was the song echoing through the city. With the highway being empty it was very haunting and beautiful and is why I had to look this up. Very glad I found this, brought a tear to my eye just as it did when I heard the song that day.

Sh 7 October 2015
Jackie's Ave Maria put me in tears. Wow!

Br 6 October 2015
Hopefully with each successive performance, Jackie gives, more Heart's will be opened, and thus more will 'follow' JME, and in turn the Jackie Effect will start to weave It's magic..

Br 4 October 2015
Lots and lots of folks don't know of her, and a lot can't stand her. JME represents pure Soul sound, and purity of heart Energy, and this very essence scares them. As most know this is called the Jackie Effect.

E.M. 2 October 2015
.. can not wait to go to the upcoming Boston concert. You have inspired so many people like myself to pursue classical music, and have given me a love and passion for both listening and performing. God bless you and your family.

There are many stories of lives changed by Jackie's singing here.
W.S. 2 October 2015
Jackie plays by her own rules--feeling and purity of tone. . . period.
Phantom exemplifies Jackie's love for these two qualities. And she puts them into all that she sings. Why else would I listen to the same songs over and over and over. . . and still get chills, and choked throat, and tears. I feel her feelings and we emote together!

W.S. 28 September 2015
Working in the entertainment business, one gets a little jaded. But some stars have such presence .. One was. . . Marie Osmond. . . Saw Jackie in Palm Desert this past January. Took my breath away. Her presence fills the room and the screen! Always has! Amazing!

J.N. 27 September 2015
I have never heard of Jackie before, but today listening to her sing in Philadelphia she had me crying for joy. Which I have never done in my life.

M.H. 19 September 2015
You're concert here in Hartford, CT. Is amazing! "somewhere over the rainbow" made my wife cry.

C.P. 17 September 2015
There have been two times I have been brought to tears when hearing. "Over the Rainbow".
The first time was many years ago when I heard Eva Cassidy. The second time was tonight when I heard Jackie Evancho.

September 2015
I am absolutely flabbergasted at just how much this young lady is loved, the following and wonderful comments shared around the world. I have learned so much in this little time in this group of fans, admirers. She has impacted on sooo many people and homes with her not only beauty and poise but with a voice of an angle (to my ears anyway).

L.R. 7 September 2015
1:10 to 1:39 is the most emotional part for me. Jackie did that so well and it nearly brought tears to my eyes. All those high notes...all the emotion...wow

L.H. 29 August 2015
This Marine doesn't cry or tear up but man that's a tough hill to climb when listening to ??*Jackie*??. She almost got me.

Y.R. 28 August 2015
When I heard the original by Ed Sheeran I wondered Jackie want to make a good cover. No place for high long notes. Now I knw. She made almost a new song and show us a new kind of pop. Is there another artist who can make goosbumps with so softly, almost spoken words?

C.K. 17 August 2015
As I watched and listened, the thought came to mind, that I continue to be as amazed by Jackie's talent, as I was back in 2010. All of the symptoms of the "Jackie Effect" were alive and well, and it was as if I was falling in love with her voice, all over again.

J.S. 17 August 2015
Such a rich mature voice she has!
What an amazing voice coming from that little girl's body.. I am crying too.. Very moving.. and unexpected to say the least when you hear her sing for the first time..

O.G. 16 August 2015
What I find most amazing is the way Jackie Effortlessly shifts registers and notes as she sings, its is so smooth its astounding and not operatic at all especially with the upper notes and registers. She is so amazing as her voice touches my soul I am so pleased and I'm hard of hearing and it still gets to me even without my aids.

M.R. 10 August 2015
Jackie is a normal girl, but when she sings enters another dimension and transports us into another dimension. Brings us directly into her soul, in her heart! Is truly unique!

M.B. January 2014
we have an algorithm program at MIT... and we set it to notes on vocal tone and pitch... this girl came out to 99.3 percent average per note... that was the highest grade out of over a hundred opera and classical crossover singers of any era... her voice is unreal.

There was such emotion in that with the music and the voice that I burst out crying at the end. It was totally uncontrollable, that is what music with heart and soul can inspire. Amazing.

Stephen Nowinsky
Jackie's voice reaches into your mind and causes a soothing calming affect to occur there.Its more than just her singing and personality.Its how her voice affects your mind like hypnosis.

I have goosebumps... seriously.. I love this song, listen to it when I can, and it STILL gives me stinking goosebumps all over my arms!

S.S. July 2015
The first time I have seen Jackie live, to say I was bowled over doesn't do her Justice.
Singing with the symphony she gave evidence of her Bel Canto qualities. I've never seen or heard anything like it.
I don't have the words to express what a treasure our little 'Princess of Singing' is. You have to see it to believe it.

Ronald Diaz
Her beautiful Angelic voice always just makes me cry all the time and for some reason my heart and soul feels much better!! Like some magical mystical power she has, given to her from heaven and blessed by God

Fae Lumb
I was in tears by the second verse. This is angelically beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing.

Daniel ben Immanuel
This is the one girl who is frighteningly able to inflict pure unadulterated JOY on her audience!! First, she charms you with her astounding presence, then she takes you to a profoundly peaceful place of her dreams and, as if that were not enough, she fills your heart with her boundless joy and beauty with her soaring angelic voice. You come away in a whole new plane of existence after such an unforgettable experience!!! And these poor words are unequal to the task of expressing her true effect. I know, I've been there and experienced it myself!!

I confess to tears and a overwhelming sense of emotion... it encapsulated me and I felt transported. I just could not get enough and went searching for more.

Hi jackie, my name is tiago and i'm talking from Brazil. when i watch your videos on youtube (in especially "To Believe" ), the same time, i flied to other universe, flied to inside my heart, and i cried so much.

My friends make me laugh, my family makes me smile, my wife makes me spend, my dog makes me run, Beethoven makes me think, Chopin makes me proud, but only Jackie makes me weep deep inside

I don't like this kind of music but when i am listening to Jackie It brings tears to my eyes. It touching the bottom of my heart. It's wonderful. Congratulations! Stay angel as you are.

As she has done so many times in the past, Jackie has reduced a grown man to tears. Like I said when I first had seen her on AGT years ago, Im not often brought to tears. And music never brings me to tears. EXCEPT whenever I see and hear Jackie sing. It never ceases to amaze me. I still don't understand what it is that she does that brings on such emotion.

Gives me the chills. Especially the high notes on "Nessun Dorma." Absolutely an out-of-body experience.

Sir Ronald C. "KITTY CAT OF PURSIA" Uehara
Fell into the Jackie Groove. Can't climb out. Don't send help. Like it here.

Hugh O'Kelly3
I'm not one who passes on compliments so i won't.I'll just state a fact.As a musician,music has lifted me to great heights through out my life and gets me where nothing does BUT Jackie brings this experience to an even more special place.........one that did not exist until now

Dan Fero
The first time I heard Jackie I started crying because her voice is that of what I imagine would have. I ride a Harley, I'm a retired Police officer/ US Army Staff sergeant and combat veteran and most people think of me as an old grumpy guy. Even my wife was astonished when she saw me crying and asked why. All I could tell her was that was a voice made in Heaven by Gods own hands. Thank you Jackie for bringing joy to an old man's heart.

Jackie has her detractors who never fail to complain about perceived weaknesses in breath support, technique, or some such silliness. What they can't appreciate is that Jackie has that one in a lifetime voice that somehow reaches inside of you and simply resonates. She makes one smile or relax or laugh -- a rare gift that simply cannot be trained in.

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